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Welcome to Tus Clases de Idiomas (your language classes)


All the information beyond this frontpage will be in Spanish. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact me personally for any details.



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+34 605350126

Language and multilingual skills



'Don't look for a certificate, look for an attitude!'

Clases particulares

tus clases de idiomas IN 1 Minute

'Studens come; friends remain'


This is Juan Quirant and I welcome you to TCI, my professional project. At the Reception you will find the information in an accessible and clear way.

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I also encourage you to ask for any details that you consider important to you.


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'Multilingual and communication skills'


My line in language training is to transmit what I know how to do best: learn the basis of a language quickly and use it immediately, with determination, allowing practice to perfect it.


  • Multilingual skills give you the keys to understand all the theory and stay with what is most effective.
  • The communication skills to be able to put your knowledge into practice quickly.


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'Tough teacher, flexible method'


Communicating in several languages is neither a gift nor a trick. It is something that happens when you are consistent with the theory and overcome the fear of practice; that simple. 


Therefore, if I accompany you in your project, you will set the objective, I the direction, and both the commitment. In return, you will enjoy the freedom to take your learning from wherever you want and assisted 24/7. 


There are three fully compatible training methods that I invite you to know.


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