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Welcome to Tus Clases de Idiomas.


Most of the information beyond this frontpage will be in Spanish. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact me personally for any details.


Juan Quirant

Language and communication skills



The best choice to learn a language is Programa de Formación. It is a combination of the best learning services you can find nowadays.


You will get the first month for free, as I think that a little proof is better than a long explanation.


E-learning pack
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Clases particulares
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'Don't look for a certificate, look for an attitude!'

Clases particulares

tus clases de idiomas IN 1 Minute


'Studens come; friends remain'


This is Juan Quirant and I welcome you to TCI, my professional project. At the Reception you will find the information in an accessible and clear way.

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I also encourage you to ask for any details that you consider important to you.


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'Multilingual and communication skills'


My line in language training is to transmit what I know how to do best: learn the basis of a language quickly and use it immediately, with determination, allowing practice to perfect it.


  • Multilingual skills give you the keys to understand all the theory and stay with what is most effective.
  • The communication skills to be able to put your knowledge into practice quickly.


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'Tough teacher, flexible method'


Communicating in several languages is neither a gift nor a trick. It is something that happens when you are consistent with the theory and overcome the fear of practice; that simple. 


Therefore, if I accompany you in your project, you will set the objective, I the direction, and both the commitment. In return, you will enjoy the freedom to take your learning from wherever you want and assisted 24/7. 


There are three fully compatible training methods that I invite you to know.


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